I wanted to send a quick note to discuss how your teachings inspired me when I started my real estate career! Having worked for Kim & Doug as a real estate assistant (before getting my licence), I did get to know them very well, as well as get to know the inner workings of their real estate business. One of the major take-aways that I always remembered when I started my own real estate career is their client connection / client follow up side of the business. Being a real estate agent is all about connecting with people- you are your business! People need to know, like and trust you before they will feel confident to work with you! The key to success as a realtor, in my opinion, is to building lasting relationships that lead to referral business! Kim definitely taught me how to do this and gave me inspiration for my own business. She has great client connection ideas such as client movie nights, recipe post cards, creative give aways, event sponsorship & fabulous client events! These are all great ways Kim has taught me that we can connect with our sphere of clients and build a great referral based business. If you do a great job with a client, and stay connected with them, they will pass your name on to friends, family and co-workers and your business will grow year after year! Its also a good idea to spoil those who refer you 🙂

Thank-you, Kim, for being a big influence in my career in real estate!

Doug Hayden

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