Andrew Priestley
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About Andrew Priestley

Andrew Priestley is a bestselling author, an award winning business leadership coach, Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentor speaker and publisher of books. And he will be your guide for the ‘Resilient Leaders’ book. 

His company Writing Matters only publishes books that count; books that will genuinely make a difference. 

He will take you through a proven process for creating a multiple author book that will be available worldwide on Kindle and Amazon. You will join a close knit community of co-authors, communicate via a closed WhatsApp group and learn how to leverage your credibility as a published author.

His books have ranked as bestselling in their category – most going to #1.

The process is a structured approach with clear steps, workable deadlines and a proofing process. You will learn how to enrol your tribe to create a palpable buzz. 

Plus its a ton of fun!


You can check Andrew out at his website:

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Meet our Branding Expert

About Angela Merzib

Angela Merzib launched Be Bold Branding to build confident, competition proof brands from the ground up. She sees brand strategy as a contact sport – you’ve got to dare to be different and make emotional impact with your target market to succeed. A memorable brand packs a punch, and as a certified brand strategist, kickboxing instructor, and former roller derby competitor, Angela lands a punch with style.

Angela is a strategic thinker with the professional knowledge and creative chops to take on the most daunting brand challenges. She’s a wife and mother who’s pulling off a balancing act like an Olympic gymnast, and she can do it all in heels or on wheels.

Groups/Accreditations etc:

B.S. in Graphic Design
Brand Academy Certified Brand Strategist
2019 Know Tribe Featuree
Ace Women’s Professional Development Mentor
Host of Bold Moves Podcast