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December 2019

Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett GBE

Leaders are Remembered

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Leaders are remembered for the lessons and teachings they leave. However at some point in each leaders life they made the decision to step out of the easy and into the hard. There are leaders of varying scale. The scale of their reach is typically related directly to the scope of their daring, message and tenacity. Let’s take the Suffragettes. There were women around the world and in our grandparents neighbourhoods that spoke the same words and had the same beliefs, and although their families will remember them generation after generation, the world does not. Emmeline Pankhurst stepped up and Lead. She put her heart and soul into her words and actions. She made the change and took the risk.

I am not asking all our leaders to go to jail or walk in picket lines. I am asking you to be heard. Leaders are all around us, however to bare the public scrutiny and at times abuse, few are able to go to the next level. If you have it in you to be an inspiring Leader, the world needs you. There are not enough Brene Brown’s in this world. Collaboration is imperative in this journey of Leadership. Embrace those around you with like minds and never believe if the light shines on those around you, it diminishes the light you stand within. 4 billion people, we need leaders, we need you.

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