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November 2019

Leadership comes in all shapes all sizes

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Being humble is often confused with downplaying your value or being silent. Understanding that if you possess the unique skill set to be a positive leader, you have a responsibility to reach out. This world is starving for powerful and positive leadership. So many have the potential, yet due to circumstances beyond their control, they will never reach their leadership potential without guidance.

Let me clarify my definition of leadership. Leadership is simply an ability to take the lead and create a positive space for those who want to learn and or follow. This can be a person who volunteers to coach little league, a youth leader, a block watch. Leadership ranges from the Brene Brown to the community volunteers of the world. 

What I have found fascinating about leadership is the exponential personal growth. Personal growth is priceless. Taking on task to aid non-profit, assisting a peer to achieve their goals, setting a goal that is clear to you but may not be to those around you. Understanding that each activity of leadership will have multiple aspects of success. One may be met and the other not. The exercise in leadership is still a success.

An example would be an emerging leader in Toronto recently organized a fashion show in benefit of funding to stop human trafficking. Having always worked in a team, never taking the lead role as organizer, this was a huge undertaking. Fashion house, models, venue, food, PR affiliate, photography and affiliate non-profit were all organized. All showed up on time and excited. That is a WIN. That in itself was successful leadership. The attendance however was minimal. Instead of chalking the entire event up as a failure, the event itself became a more intimate affair . Guests were able to ask questions as to human trafficking and how they can be of help. Even a larger speaking engagement to a school came out of this event. So the initial audience was small but in the end, due to the hard work of the Leader, hundreds were educated.

Step out, Step up and LEAD