Real Resilient Tour

A collective of positive growth minded speakers

Each city featuring local and international professionals with a goal to share and inspire. Bringing the discussion of service in sales, how to be genuine while successful, and how to be fulfilled in your career. In a world where travel is booked online and home sales are done by the owner, what do you offer? The experience of your service is the only thing that separates you from the next app or technology platform.

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Women in Real Estate Summit aims to help Realtors reach full potential

Read the REM Real Estate Magazine article about the first event in The Real Resilient Tour, hosted by Calgary Realtor, producer, business coach and event founder Kim Hayden, is the Women in Real Estate Summit.

Can you see the signs of Resilience in you life?

Are you the definition of an expert in your industry, working in the best interest of your clients?

March 31, 2021
The 3 day Women in Real Estate 6 Figure Summit